Work trucks ON THE JOB
Hybrid solution: 
Cellulose blown onto walls, foamed roof
Cellulose blown between wall joists.
 This bonus room was reclaimed from a HOT attic with FOAM
No job too high or too low.
 Higher and higher.
Eddie and father:  teamwork.
Three trucks on one job.
Helping the "Building Green" revolution of energy savings for the planet and the pocket.
See U.S. Government "Green Home" building programs.
Cellulose vs. Fiberglass          Spray-applied Polyurethane Foam (SPF)               Attics              Crawl Space            Science Studies   R-Values 

Infiltration (air leakage): the killer of insulation   Sources of Air Leaks               Utility Bill savings               Tax Credit        Glossary      Home page
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See History Channel's video on foam "Modern Marvel" ( 23 MB download)
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The history of Value Tech Insulation began with a surprising twist on a favor delivered to a friend.  People usually own a business built upon family traditions or a history of work in a related field.  The owners began Value Tech Insulation in an attempt to support a friend who wanted to break away from his parent company.  The friend ran the insulation division of that other company, with many years experience in the  industry.  Their initial intention was to take a more supportive "back office" role, with their partner managing the field operations.  They never imagined their friend would take off, leaving them with a company to run.  However, because of their commitment to their employees and customers, their significant investment in equipment and trucks, and their dedication to hard work and customer satisfaction, they decided to stay the course and press forward.  

The owners state:  "SPF foam is both a science and an art. No matter how good the science, without the skill and coordination of our highly-trained technicians who spray the foam, anything can happen in the field." 
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Value Tech Insulation, LLC,  is a resource partner with the US Dept of Energy's Builders Challenge!