Outside-Air Temperature = 90 degrees
Standard home Attic-Air Temperature = 145 degrees
Hot Roof System keeps Attic air temp below 85 degrees
Stack effect is pulling the conditioned air out of the living          space and up into the attic and eventually       out of the house.  At the same time the unhealthy air (mold, mildew, etc.) from the crawl space is pulled into the living area.
Spray applied, closed-cell, polyurethane foam seals the         living envelop, prohibiting the loss of conditioned air, and the migration of unhealthy air into the living area.  Open-cell and Icynene® foams cannot stop moisture and air infiltration.
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Helping the "Building Green" revolution of energy savings for the planet and the pocket.
See U.S. Government "Green Home" building programs.
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