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NOTE:  The new stimulus plan from the U.S. government is offering a 30% TAX CREDIT.... for a limited time (next two years)  << residential only
Additionally there are additioanal incentives and rebates available from Georgia utility companies:

Additional details from Georgia sources:
"The new TARRP proposal increases the value of the credit to 30% for 2009 and 2010, and establishes a per-dwelling maximum for this period of $1500."  ...  ...if the insulation meets 2009 IECC standards, has 2 year warranty, or is known to last 5 years within the industry.  NOTE:  SPF foam has an indefinite life span.

There may be additional incentives (which may or may not be applicable) at the State and Federal level forthcoming, such as this one at the State level last year:
hb577_LC_14_9615 ... “…A taxpayer shall be allowed a credit against the tax imposed by ... expenditures incurred in the construction of eligible energy efficient residential ... 'Eligible expenditure':  ...Insulation material or system which is specifically and primarily designed to reduce the heat gain or loss of a residential property when installed in or on such property…”

Two important links on Tax energy credits: 

The following facsimile of the GreenFiber Cellulose Eligibility Certification
example of the type of certificate that is also available for FOAM insulation.  
However, no certificate is actually required by the IRS. 
You need only to document the specific products used, so this certificate is provided as an easy means of doing so.
Any eligible insulation MUST MEET CERTAIN GOVERNMENT STANDARDS (fire safety, etc.). 
Value Tech provides the document that verifies or certifies that its insulation meets various standards (see example).
(For additional information see and google state tax info. )
Helping the "Building Green" revolution of energy savings for the planet and the pocket.
See U.S. Government "Green Home" building programs.
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