Value Tech Insulation offers insulation and air-sealing services for residential and commercial projects throughout Metro Atlanta and southeast U.S.    Sealing not only controls air temperature, but quality.

Value Tech has an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction and value.  Our company began with a primary focus on offering the latest and best performing insulation applications on the market at an affordable price.  

Why do we say you should consider using ValueTech?
“In contrast with the lack of quality contracting in the insulation industry today, we are committed to customer satisfaction—with an emphasis on education and quality control.”

Why Insulation is a Good Investment?
Investing in products to make homes more energy efficient
pays significant dividends over a lifetime. 
Insulation contributes to:
  • Greater comfort
  • Even-temperature distribution
  • Improved acoustics
  • Better moisture control
  • Potential for increased resale value: Installing proper insulation levels can make your home more attractive to potential buyers.  Most buyers list energy-efficiency as a prime consideration.  Buyers will pay more (invest in a more expensive home) if heating and cooling bills can be kept down.
  • A more environmentally-friendly home (reduces energy consumption, etc.)
  • Lower energy bills: Unless your home was constructed with special attention to energy efficiency, adding insulation will probably reduce your utility bills.
  • There are tax incentives and government programs available to help cover your costs.

Did you know?
  • Airtightness (sealing cracks) is often a bigger factor than the lack of insulation.
  • Sprayed foam and our methods of blowing in cellulose stop the air leakage in ways that fiberglass cannot. (However, we will install fiberglass if our customer requires it.)
  • R-value was established by the fiberglass industry -- at 75 degrees Fahrenheit --    a temperature at which you don't even need insulation. Efficiency is more important.
  • Methods of installing fiberglass can reduce its R-value by nearly half. See report
  • Cellulose penetrates cracks (sealing leakage) in ways that fiberglass cannot. 
  • SPF foam penetrates cracks in ways that cellulose (and fiberglass) cannot and creates an air-tight seal.  (Closed-cell foam is impenetrable by both water and air because it is a solid sheet of plastic--fillled with millions of closed-off gas bubbles.)
  • 60% of the existing homes in the United States are not insulated to the best energy efficiency level, and that 40% of your home's energy lose is due to air leakage.  (See graphs on next page and U.S. EPA graphic >> HERE.)

If your home is in this 60% that are under-insulated... may wish to start reaping the advantages of ValueTech insulation right away.

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  Cellulose vs. Fiberglass (don't miss the environmental issues)
Advantages of SPF (sprayed polyurethane foam)
What Insulation Problems Do You Have?
Consider all that apply to you:

Crawlspace Mold / Mildew
Stack Effect (sucking air up & out)
High Heating & Cooling Bills
Allergies and Dust
Squirrel, rodent, & insect invasion
Drafty Rooms / House
Furnace & AC Run Constantly
Spray-applied cellulose, polyurethane foam, and fiberglass.
Air sealing, soundproofing and custom applications.
Our Insulation Qualifies
Money isn’t all you’re saving
TAX incentives:
Let the government pay you
to insulate your house!
Environmental INSULATION
  Click here for U.S. Dept of Energy Fact Sheet
  and U.S. Dept of Energy data on insulating your home.
Payment flexibility:
(standard service fees may apply)
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Spray polyurethane Foam - Cellulose - Fiberglass

Value Tech is fully-insured with $2 million liability insurance and Workman's Compensation.
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