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Here is what some of our Customers have to say:

"I was blown away by their professionalism, promptness and courtesy!!!   I would highly recommend them and have."  Ann Drennan, Realtor, Norcross, GA

"I had almost decided to go with a different company and product when I heard about ValueTech Insulation. 
The company's expertise and knowledge excelled what I had already studied and compared.  The scientific information from ValueTech was more convincing than the varying opinions I was getting.   Partially because of their experience in the Northeast (where it really gets cold), they really know their stuff.   I not only got the best solution, but also a much better price.  ValueTech started the job within two days after I placed the order and did a beautiful job.  Because my home never had enough insulation at the time it was built (more than 20 years ago), I am confident that the house will be more comfortable than it has ever been!’’  
Ted Stevens, Douglasville, GA

"They did a great job"   Clay Causey, Stone Mountain, GA

"The crew did a great job. They were in and out with minimal interruption of my schedule.  The job foreman was very professional and friendly as well were his crew members."  Maria Lopez, Tucker, GA

"I found them to be a fine company to work with. I enjoyed the process and I appreciated being allowed to do some of the work myself to save some money. They were timely, courteous, and lived up to their promises. I would hire them again if I had need of their services."  James Greene, Alpharetta, GA

“In our search for an insulation and drywall contractor, I found them to be the most knowledgeable and professional organization I have ever done business with.  They handled all of our problems.  They are so detailed-oriented.  We love that.  They are not like any other sub-contractor we have ever worked with.  Thank you, you have made this so much easier for me!!!’’  
Michelle Grant, Loganville, GA

"Our older church building needed a major upgrade--for three large buildings.  It seems that buildings as old as ours never had sufficient insulation to start with.  We were suffering high energy bills unnecessarily, with uneven temperatures and lots of discomfort.  To our surprise ValueTech gave us more than we bargained for (beyond our agreement)---and even invented a solution for a roof insulation problem that others said could not be fixed.  They are not afraid of work and take great pride in a first class job.  They even replaced some shingles and put in passive and powered roof vents for us.  We are entering the winter with a uniformly toasty facility.  I would recommend them to anyone.  Generosity, trust and integrity are hard to find.’’  
Sarah Streiff, Decatur, GA

"Thank you for the great job on blowing in closed-cell polyurethane insulation in our garage.  Your workers were superb, very careful and efficient.  We were impressed with their proficiency and thoroughness.  Clearly, they have been well-trained and care about what they do.  It was a pleasure meeting all of you.  W e are very satisfied with the job and will definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone we come across who wants insulation.  Again, thank you for going the extra miles for us.  We do appreciate it." 
Gayle Lloyd and Susan Joseph, Atlanta, GA 

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See U.S. Government "Green Home" building programs.
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