Advantages of SPF (Sprayed Polyurethane Foam)

Sprayed Foam insulation reduces energy use in buildings beyond its stated R-value because SPF (closed cell):
  • Provides a solid continuous vapor barrier and air-tight seal (no cracks or leaks).
  • Prevents moisture infiltration through air leakage.  On roofs it seals water leakage.
  • Minimizes dew point problems and condensation by creating an air-tight barrier.
  • Can eliminate mold & mildew from penetrating the envelope of your living environment.
  • Resists heat movement in all directions.
  • Provides reliable performance under varying conditions.  Does not break down (i.e., sustainable).
  • It has the highest exponential R-value of all insulations.  FOAM has a 92% Efficiency  Rating (ER),     1 inch equivalent to R-20.09!  2 inches = R- 40.18 !               3.5 inches = R- 63.7 according the rating by the U.S. Dept. of Energy!   ER boost based on RED factors:


Sprayed Foam is the
tightest air sealer.
Foam for roofs and attics,         and in crawl-spaces: home or commercial
Foam for metal buildings.
Foam where nothing else will work.
ONLY FOAM can INCREASE the insulation rating by reducing all 6 causes of heat transfer. 
Air movement through insulation kills R values.
  Cellulose addresses # 2 & # 3 in ways that fiberglass cannot.
  3.5 inches of Fiberglass has 32% efficiency with only R-11.2
  Only SPF foam addresses all 6 in ways no other insulation can!
As the most effective type of insulation, closed-cell Sprayed Polyurethane FOAM (SPF) is a solid, rigid, waterproof, and seamless plastic after it cures (in only a few seconds). It is impervious to liquid or gas penetration.   The History Channel describes closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation as one of the "modern marvels"       of modern chemistry:  It not only insulates, but also dramatically adds to the strength and structural integrity of any building material.  SPF is sustainable:  Unlike other materials that have a limited life expectancy, SPF has an indefinite life when maintained properly.
(Health: The new generation SPF foam, properly installed, does not "off-gas" chemicals, nor contain formaldehyde.)
OPEN-CELL foam (below) for sound-proofing & insulation.
CLOSED-CELL (below) and High- Density foam insulation for waterproofing, thermal barriers and increased strength and structural integrity.
Attic roofs
    Stack Effect + Diagram
Additional FAQ pages
on this web site:
"Which is best for me:" Open cell foam versus closed cell foam?
"How can SPF foam reduce my suffering from allergies, dust and mold?
How do I sort out the debate between promoters of Icynene and closed-cell foam?
Glossary of terms:  "What do these terms mean?"
How does foam insulate my house from rodent and insect invasion?

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. Closed cell foam for crawlspaces
  and basements, providing an air
  and moisture seal under floors.
  Seal crawlspace or basement with
  foam to reduce or eliminate:
  • Moisture/Mold invasion
  • Noise (squeaky floors)
  • Cold floors (& thermal bridges)
  • CO2 or natural gas leaking from heating systems
  • Gasoline or carbon monoxide fumes into garage apartment
  • Insect & rodent penetration
Click to read info on crawlspaces
Oak Ridge National Laboratory research shows that “perfectly installed” fiberglass batts lose 11% of their labeled
R-Value, and that “commonly installed” fiberglass batts lose 28% of their labeled R-value.  This study confirms tests conducted 20 years ago by fiberglass manufacturers, and reveals the surprisingly large disparity between the labeled R-value and the installed R-value of fiberglass batts.  The point is that R-Value is not the best measure of insulation and that fiberglass is the worst kind of insulation.

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See History Channel's video on foam "Modern Marvel" ( 23 MB download)
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