This is our foam-spraying machine, called a proportioner.  Our foam rig carries the best and most expensive proportioning machine in the industry (i.e., the  Graco/Gusmer H20/35, costing $30K), which we use to spray the closed-cell polyurethane foam.  It is industrially-rated, and can work on a factory assembly line 24 hrs. / 7 days a week -- in an  manufacturing facility, for example.

We may be the only foam-applications specialist in the Atlanta area using this industrial grade machine--which assures you of correct mixing proportions.   Everyone else uses cheaper electrical proportioners.

Ours is hydraulic, which means there is less pulsation because of the smooth strokes.  (See brochure from Graco/Gusmer.)  Moreover, the digitally controlled temperature gives us better control over the material mix. 
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